Thanks so much to all who have participated in our monthly clinics with Rebekah Peterson.  We have found this to be a rewarding experience for all, including the staff and Rebekah.  Moving forward into November we are continuing our clinic with back hand springs, only with a little more focus and attention to each of the skill levels.We will finish our 2010 year with our last clinic on December 5th with a focus on Bars.  Details will provided a little later.

 Our next clinic will be as follows:

 DATE:                   Sunday, November 14th, 2010

 TIME:                    4:00p to 5:30p

LEVEL:                  Beginner / Intermediate

 PRICE:                   $ 18

AGE:                     6+  (5+ with tumbling/gymnastics experience)

TIME:                    5:30p to 7:00p

LEVEL:                  Advanced – Must have your back handspring on the floor

PRICE:                   $ 18

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