Our Class Philosophy 

Our overall goal is to provide a safe, fun and learning environment through the use of gymnastics tools for all that join our program.  Our programs are structured to accommodate any skill level and grow a foundation of self-confidence, strength, agility, and body awareness that will allow the students to take these skills into other aspects of their life and athletic endeavors.   We offer non-competitive gymnastics for those that want to learn all the basics of the sport as well as challenge and encourage those that want a more serious skill set.  All athletes will grow at their own individual pace with positive reinforcement and support from our professional coaching staff.

Storytime Yoga

Adventures galore!  Join us Thursday mornings for this drop-in program from 10a to noon for an actively involved Yoga and Story time.  While following the movement path, you will stop along the way to read the colorful and educational story, search for the hidden pictures, then stretch into the related yoga pose.  Take your time, enjoy your stretch and breathing, and then continue to the next station.   Feel free to start the path again and again.   At the end, children can choose a takeaway with a picture of their favorite yoga pose to practice at home.  This program will educate children in different aspects of our world, (oceans, jungles, deserts and more) while teaching our minds and bodies to focus, be calm and stretch their bodies to their limits.  Parents are welcome to join while their child moves through the adventures.  Cost is $5 per child for members and $7 per child for non.  No charge for adults. Not currently available.

Boys Flipz

Join us on Wednesday evenings for an active and engaging boy’s gymnastics class.  Ages 3 to teen are welcome to participate in this all boy’s program.  Men’s gymnastics events are taught, (vault, single bar, parallel bars, rings, and floor) along with rope, trampoline, tumbling and a few ninja skills.  A solid concentration on focus, body awareness, strength, coordination, balance, and overall body control are highly integrated into these classes.   Boys can learn new skills and become stronger while having fun with their classmates and Coaches.   Please see our current schedule for class times!

Parent/Child Classes

Our Parent/Child class is 45 minutes of non-stop movement and motion for children ages 16 months to 2-1/2 years of age.  Children will work on fine and gross motor skills, along with age appropriate developmental skills, including balance, coordination, body awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem, while being introduced to basic gymnastic skills.  Hanging, swinging, climbing, rolling, and jumping are all skills introduced.  Children will experience use of all the gymnastics equipment lending itself to their size and skill.   Parents are required to assist the children through the stations with the direction of the Coach.  Music, games, and props add to the child’s fun experience in this program.  Please see our current schedule for class times.

Preschool Classes

Ages 3 and 4 are welcome to join our 45-minute preschool classes.  We are now beginning to introduce the basic gymnastic skills and lingo.  We focus on body awareness for safe movement through the skills, along with coordination, balance and continued physical and mental developmental skills.  Forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, swings on the bars and balance on the beams are just a few of our basic tricks we will introduce.  As children progress, we will continue to add to their skill base.  Please see our current schedule for class times!

Advanced 3’s, 4’s, & 5’s

Our one hour advanced 3’s, 4’s, & 5’s class is designed for those children who have had a couple years of gymnastics under their belt and are ready for the “big” gymnastics challenges.  Still working within their developmental age and size, we focus on the true fundamentals of gymnastics, body positions, body control and focus.  More time is spent on the skill to encourage strength and proper technique.  Props and games are used to keep this class fun yet progressing.  Please see our current schedule for class times!

Recreational Level 1 / 2

Recreational classes are designed for those children that want to learn basic gymnastics skills, strengthen their bodies, improve their balance, coordination, and focus while still having fun.  Children are introduced to the fundamentals and skills, while keeping the class moving with multiple stations and engaging activities.   Proper stretching and conditioning are introduced promoting the importance of good health and wellness.  Please see our current schedule for class times.

Skill Class Level 1 / 2

Skill classes are more involved with more in-depth technique measures along with fundamentals and progressions of the skill work being done.  Routines are encouraged to promote multiple skills in a row, while focusing on lines, proper hand and body placement and excellence in the skill.  Warm-up will focus on additional strength, stretching and conditioning to ensure safety in the upper level skills.  Please see our current schedule for class times.

Skill Class Level 3 /4

Skills now become more involved and intense.  Inversions in tumbling, bars, beam, and vaulting are all part of our skill work.  Critical attention is paid to body awareness and physical agility.  Continued focus in the warm-up phase on strength, stretching and conditioning. Please see our current schedule for class times.

Just Tumble

Just Tumble is just that, focusing on all aspects of forward, backward, and sideward tumbling on the floor and trampoline.  Progressions are followed and critiqued prior to moving on to the next skill set.  Stretching, flexibility and strength work are part of the warm-up as well as integrated in the class stations.  Please see our current schedule for class times.

Private Group Time

Family, Friends, Schools, and Cheer Groups that are looking to have some private time to work on skills, or just have a little play time can give us a call to schedule their event.  Pricing is based on the amount of time, and the group size.   

Open Gym

Open gym is a time to come and practice gymnastics skills.  Stretching prior to participating in skill work is required.  Coaches are available to assist in a particular area of gymnastics, as long as the student has practiced the skill and can demonstrate confidence of the skill.  Members and non-members are both welcome to attend. See our current schedule for open gym times.  Price is $10 for members and $14 for non-members.