Please have your child wear soft, close-fitting clothing; no belts, buckles, snaps, zippers or buttons. Bare feet are best!  Please do not wear shoes on our gym floor (parents too!), Shoes are allowed in the entry way, kitchen and bathroom areas only.

Our new location has lots of parking!  Please be watchful of all our children when coming and going.

Payments are required prior to children attending class.  Payment plans can be arranged through the board of directors and are null and void of any discounts.  

In case of bad weather, please check our Facebook page and Web site.  If we cancel classes, we will provide a scheduled make-up class or open gym pass. 

Class Procedures

  • Please be on time for your class.
  • Shoes and clothing are to be placed in cubbies.
  • Water bottles can be brought into the gym during class and left on windowsill or bench. We will take water breaks throughout class.
  • Please make sure children have used the bathroom prior to class starting.
  • Hair must be tied up and out of the face.  Hair in the eyes can be a huge distraction and a safety issue.
  • No jewelry.
  • Parents, please remain in the lobby during class. We are trying to cut down on distractions so the kids can focus on the skills we are teaching them.

Make up classes
We will try our best to schedule a make up class for any cancelled classes.  If we are not able to schedule a convenient time, we will have open gym passes available for those students.

Waiting Area
We have a nice lobby area with tables and chairs. Please feel free to enjoy the space while waiting for your child during class. 

Classes, Camps, Open Gym, Special Events
Additional Policies & Procedures for Special Events, Open Gyms and Summer Camps are posted with our announcements for those activities.  At each activity we may have special requirements, (such as bring a lunch).

Up to Date Information
As our gym evolves, we try to keep everyone up to date with any new information that comes about.  We will post on our Social Media pages and send emails to those in our system.  If something is missed, please let us know.  As much as we try our best to be swift in our relay of information, life gets in the way and/or items may be missed.  

End of Year Demonstration Celebration
Our End of the Year Demonstration Celebration takes place in June before classes end.  We are all very proud of our students and their individual accomplishments.  They are just as proud to show them.  The Demonstrations takes place during their individual class time at no cost to anyone.  Parents, Friends and Family members are welcome to join in the celebration.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us via Email or phone.  We encourage suggestions and feedback as that will only enhance our program for the future.